Reliable Delivery Service

Customers are frustrated by the lack of choice when it comes to how they receive things; they have to compromise between cost, convenience and control. But what if you could offer them all of these things, by putting them in control? It’s a simple idea that would reduce the number of missed deliveries, improve customer satisfaction, drive loyalty and give you a real competitive advantage. Don’t let delivery slow your business.

delivery car

Now you can focus on preparing awesome products while we take care of the delivery.

We are providing a unique delivery service to all your customers by using a fleet of drivers with an App designed specially to receive and deliver orders.

delivery payment

You can impress your customers with lower delivery charges.

No more high delivery charges that push your customers away.

Our delivery charges will depend on how far your customer’s location from you, we will calculate the distance and the price and provide it to the customer. (We guarantee that for any order inside Doha, the cost will not exceed 35QR)

lunch time

Let your customers decide when things arrive. Magaza gives your customers complete control over their deliveries. They can buy in the morning and unwrap at lunch.

home box delivery

We can handle hundreds of orders per day, what are you waiting for?

No limits for number of orders per day, sell as much as you want and we will take care of it.

Seamless Payment Options

Make it easy for your customers to buy products by providing cash on delivery and credit card.

Value added services (Magaza also provides)

Storage, picking and packaging services